These Are The 10 Snobbiest States In America For 2019

We had fun using science and data to determine the states that probably think they are better than you.

Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2019. This is our second time ranking the snoobiest states in America.

Snobbiest States In America Map

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Are you too good for everyone else? Are you always right? Are you self entitled? Then maybe, you’re a snob.

What is a snob anyways? Well, according to Google, a snob is…that has too many big words. According to the Urban Dictionary (ding), snobs are people who think they’re better than someone else, based on superficial factors.

There we go.

Now, when it comes to being a snob, there are all types. You’ve got netflix snobs, wine snobs, instagram snobs, and of course, your political snobs.

And yes, there’s even city snobs, as in ‘I’m better than you because I live in a particular city.’

To determine the snobbiest states in America, we had to measure snobby things, based on the number of snobby factors in each metro area. You know, the places where people are wealthy, live in big homes, attend theaters, shop at organic markets, and send their kids to private school. We even measured which states have the most college graduates.

Most of these states have a lot of snobby, elitist people living in big city pockets. And, yes, we’re aware, there are plenty of people in the states we’re going to talk about who are plain humble. Most of them are in fact.

These are just the states with the most people who make snobby their hobby.

So turn up your pinkies as we go through America’s Snobbiest States.

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How We Determined The Snobbiest States In America For 2019

While we normally handle really serious topics that help people figure out where to live, today we got to just have fun.

So with that in mind we collected data on the follow metrics on the state level to determin which states probably look down on all us.

In particular we looked at the following items:

  • Home Prices
  • Incomes
  • Farmers Markets Per Capita
  • Adults With A College Degree
  • Colleges Per Capita
  • Private Schools Per Capita

We ranked each state on each of the criteria and then averaged the ranks together to create a Snobtastic Index. Massachusetts took the snobby gold-plated, 24 carat diamond medal.

Here’s a look at the top ten.

10. Colorado

Colorado|Co, CO

Population: 5,436,519
Mean Income: $88,388
Medan Home Value: $286,100

Our first stop on our ‘I’m better than you’ tour of America starts in none other than Colorado.

What makes Colorado a snobby place? First off, Colorado ranks 2nd in the nation for people who graduated college. Now, having a bunch of smart people doesn’t make you elite, but having the 11th richest people and the 8th most expensive homes in America gets us closer.

The internet agrees. Colorado has snobby hippies. That’s snippies for short.

While you and I might wear Columbia on our short hike, pretentious Colorado hiker guy rocks Patagonia. And possibly even real furs.

Elitist hotspots in Colorado in include: Greenwood Village, Vail, Boulder.

And of course, Aspen. Because face it, if you live in Aspen, you remind everyone you live in Aspen. You should go to Aspen some time and check if out for yourself. Just don’t ask anyone if there’s any real estate for sale in the area. They’ll take one look at your shoes and know you’re a fake.

Snobby politicians John Kerry and Karl Rove were both born in Colorado. So was actress Melissa Benoist (moist). What, you haven’t heard of Melissa Benoist? She’d be so offended.

9. Oregon

Oregon|Or, OR

Source: Public domain

Population: 4,025,127
Mean Income: $75,851
Medan Home Value: $265,700

Where’s the next snobbiest state in America? That would be way out on the west coast in the state of Oregon. The stoned snobs. Stobs? New coined term? No?

Here in Oregon, people think their shit don’t stink. Before we get to that, lets talk about some statistics. Oregon is middle of the pack when it comes to income levels and home values. But it’s 3rd in number of farmer markets per capita and 4th in number of fancy breweries.

See, here in the Beaver State, it isn’t wealth that defines your snobbery. Nooo – people here aren’t rich. It’s their superior taste in food and art that makes these west coasters so affected.

In Portland, your choice of beer speaks volumes about your coolness factor. As does your choice in coffee. And how you style your mustache. And what music you’re listening to. Fall Out Boy? So cool. Hemingway? Totes.

The number of breweries speaks volumes about how stuck up Oregon people are about their consumption habits. And don’t even think about getting into an argument with an Oregonian about the best strain of pot. They’ll totally blow you away on that topic.

Oregon snobs aren’t the snobbiest on the west coast, though, which means Oregonians have some work to do if they want to move up the snob totem pole (crying).

8. California

California|Ca, CA

Population: 38,982,847
Mean Income: $96,104
Medan Home Value: $443,400

Of course, California has to be on this list. Even though good ole’ 90210 isn’t even likely the snootiest city in the state. In fact, within the greater LA area, Beverly Hills doesn’t hold a candle to the snobbery that exists in places like West LA, Brentwood, Westwood, Glendale, West Hollywood, Pasadena and Bel Air.

In terms of the actual stats, Cali, as the cool kids say, is fifth in income levels and second in home values. But it’s not just the money that makes the snobby pockets shine. It’s the California attitude.

In California, there are people on the red carpet, who are total snobs – and those who try to get close to it – and they’re snobs too for some reason.

Go into a Whole Foods in the LA area, and no one will look you in the eye. They’re too self absorbed for little ole you and me. Ride the train in San Francisco and the cool tech kids stare at their phones, pretending to have a conversation.

Many Californians in the biggest cities are too busy, too important and too self absorbed to give a shit about you and me. I grew up here. I’ve seen it. Part of the reason I left.

She’s hoity toity. Perhaps the snobbiest person on Capitol Hill.

There are lots of snobby beach front homes in California in places like Laguna Beach, Malibu, Rancho Palos Verdes, Coronado and Redondo Beach.

They might invite you in to check things out, but they’d probably give you some ‘tude if you track sand in the house. .

7. New Jersey

New-Jersey|Nj, NJ

Population: 8,960,161
Mean Income: $105,917
Medan Home Value: $321,100

New Jersey is an interesting place. Pretty much the snobs and the snob nots. See, here, you have the upper echelon, SUV driving soccer moms in North Jersey and the philadelphia eagle fan south jersey trash.

Statistically, new Jersey ranks in the top 5 in three categories we measured. They are 5th in terms of advanced degrees, 4th for home values, and 2nd in the household incomes. New Jersey towns like Princeton, Chatham and Mendham could throw themselves a parade and they wouldn’t even care if you and I even came out and tossed confetti at em.

Unlike Oregon, it’s definitely money which impacts the New Jersey snob factor.

Try and talk to the Jersey residents in Summit or Short Hills about your problems. You know, you’re saving money so your kid can go to college, or you hope to retire when you’re 65. They’ll be like oh yeah, good luck with that. My cat’s richer than you.

And, while Oregonians are beer snobs, New Jerseyans are bagel snobs. They simply refuse to admit that bagels in New York actually taste decent.

Some people would call Chris Christie a snob. Others would call him a slob.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii|Hi, HI

Source: Public domain

Population: 1,421,658
Mean Income: $95,569
Medan Home Value: $563,900

We all have snobby friends who brag about when they visit Hawaii, but the people who live in Hawaii are on a whole nother level. Many of em anyways.

Did you know Hawaiians have the most expensive homes in America? That’s right, Mappy. The average home in Hawaii is over $600,000. Would you believe that this home costs a million dollars? Only in Hawaii.

But with views like this at your disposal every day, wouldn’t you feel a little elitist yourself?

Hawaiians also rank 6th for income levels and 7th in America for most farmers markets per capita. And, believe it or not, but Hawaii ranks 9th in America for number of private schools per capita.

You might want to call Hawaiians wave snobs, since a surfer in Hawaii has it made, size wise. In fact, in some Hawaiian circles, you’re judged solely by your ability to hang 10.

Sun snobs? Check. The weather here is amazeballs. Hawaiians regularly complain about how it’s too hot, too cold and too cloudy in every single state they visit.

Hawaiians are also, unsurprisingly, rainbow snobs. Anything less than three fourths of a rainbow simply doesn’t count says every Hawaiian native ever.

5. Virginia

Virginia|Va, VA

Population: 8,365,952
Mean Income: $94,229
Medan Home Value: $255,800

We go all the way across America to get to our next snobby state, Virginia.

We’re not talking about the regular down to earth folks in southern Virginia – in places like Richmond and Norfolk. A third of Virginia’s entire population is in the Washington DC metro area, and these folks have money, class and status. This is where the Virginia snob dwells.

It’s true that Virginia is pretty much great at everything, and the people in metro DC know it. Great schools? Check. Flourishing economy? Yes, sir. Success? The D.C. Metro ranks as the second richest region in the US.

So it probably comes as no surprise that Virginians have a tendency to be a little snobby about all of their greatness. They can’t really help it that they’re better than you and I at, well, everything.

Just about everyone in northern Virginia is so affected that they say they’re from DC. They’re actually not.

People are affected by their educational status here too. You need a JD or an MD or an MBA or a PHD… you see, a BA simply won’t do in Northern Virginia. You might as well tell everyone you dropped out of high school.

Virginia also has a ton of Walmarts. But there’s a bunch of people in the DC metro area who probably haven’t ever stepped into a Walmart. Those snobs probs all shop at Whole Foods.

4. New York

New-York|Ny, NY

Population: 19,798,228
Mean Income: $93,443
Medan Home Value: $293,000

Is there a doubt that New Yorkers think they are the center of America? Look at this map. It’s true.

New Yorkers are both money and culture snobs. They rank in the top ten in all the money categories, as well as toward the top in the sheer number of pretentious things to do. As you might expect, New York City is the center of the snob universe in this state.

Did you know there are 41 Broadway Theaters in New York City.

New York City has more of an art scene, theaters, wine bars and luxury shopping than most entire states!

There’s also a ton of fancy theaters in NYC alone, which are reachable by bus or cab.

Oh, wait NY snobs don’t do that…

In some of the snobbiest NY burbs, like Scarsdale, kindergartners already have iPhones and insta accounts. No joke. And their high school kids Audi A4s. And they eat only the finest mustard in their sandwiches.

3. Maryland

Maryland|Md, MD

Population: 5,996,079
Mean Income: $103,845
Medan Home Value: $296,500

Just across the nation’s capital is our next snobby state, Maryland. Snobs don’t Uber. We’ll call a private car service to get there.

You can bet a lot of people in Maryland don’t use A1 on their steaks or listen to Nickelback on the weekends. Nooo. That’s way beneath their standards.

In DC it’s all about what you DO. You can get by in New York if you’re an artist, but in DC, that’ll get you nowhere. Much of the population on the Maryland side of DC have elitist jobs, and the incomes and homes to prove it.

Maryland folks are the third wealthiest, have the third biggest homes, and have the 5th highest number of private schools in the nation. For many families in Mount Airy, Chevy Chase and Annapolis, being snobby is a hobby.

Some silver spoons indeed.

Jada Pinkett Smith is from here. David Hasselhoff was too. Parker Posey was born here and she’s a total snob.

2. Connecticut

Connecticut|Ct, CT

Population: 3,594,478
Mean Income: $105,998
Medan Home Value: $270,100

Connecticut is plain snob central. Let me give you a hint as to why. It starts with an M and ends in ONEY.

Now, most of Connecticut is pretty laid back. But Connecticut has more snobs in its little finger than most states have in their entire hand (michigan).

These folks are lo-ad-ded.

Does making the most money per capita in the nation make you a snob? Most likely. So does having the 4th most private schools, the third biggest homes and the 4th smartest residents. Many of the elite in Connecticut’s car payments are more than our mortgages.

According to City Data, the right of way at this Greenwich Starbucks is determined by your car’s blue-book value. Thats’ the rumor anyways.

Fairfield County kids win lacrosse titles and take riding lessons. They get accepted into Yale. They drive new fancy cars.

But Poor Connecticut. I feel bad for em. Only the second snobbiest place to live in America. They’ll likely turn their noses up at our rankings and insist for a recount.

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts|Ma, MA

Source: Public domain

Population: 6,789,319
Mean Income: $101,858
Medan Home Value: $352,600

We finally come to our final destination on our snob circuit, Massachusetts. He that is the all mighty.

While Connecticutters are money snobs, the folks in Massachusetts are book snobs. This is the most pretentious, elitist and downright smarty pants place in the nation.

Sure, there’s a lot of money in Massachusetts, but as a whole, it’s their brains that make them snobs. They have the highest average IQ in all the land, after all.

So don’t even try and get into a debate with a Massachusettser.

This is also home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, including Harvard, Cambridge and MIT.

There You Have It — The Snobbiest States In America To Live For 2019

Now, what’s interesting about this list is that, for the most part, these are the most liberal states, too (Show map). So, libs are snobs just as often as wealthy conservatives. Especially the liberal elite. For the most part, though, whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, if you’re out of touch with the working class that your political beliefs are supposed to protect, you’re a bit…snobbish.

Many of us are out of touch with the class above or below us.

If you live in some of the areas we talked about today, congratulations. You’re officially a 1 percenter. If you don’t? Well then you’re just an average 99 percenter. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Here’s a quick look at the most down to earth states in:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. Arkansas
  3. Nevada

For more reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Snobbiest States In America For 2019

Rank State Mean Income
1 Massachusetts $101,858
2 Connecticut $105,998
3 Maryland $103,845
4 New York $93,443
5 Virginia $94,229
6 Hawaii $95,569
7 New Jersey $105,917
8 California $96,104
9 Oregon $75,851
10 Colorado $88,388
11 Illinois $85,262
12 Washington $88,563
13 Minnesota $86,796
14 Pennsylvania $78,192
15 Rhode Island $82,407
16 Delaware $84,146
17 Maine $70,210
18 Wisconsin $74,372
19 New Hampshire $91,605
20 Alaska $94,469
21 Florida $72,993
22 Georgia $74,763
23 Montana $68,622
24 North Dakota $81,334
25 North Carolina $70,523
26 Vermont $75,621
27 Nebraska $74,309
28 Missouri $70,144
29 Utah $83,147
30 Wyoming $76,731
31 Kansas $74,633
32 Tennessee $68,386
33 Texas $80,879
34 Iowa $73,510
35 Michigan $72,091
36 Ohio $71,119
37 Arizona $73,735
38 Alabama $64,476
39 South Dakota $71,085
40 South Carolina $66,759
41 New Mexico $64,625
42 Louisiana $66,861
43 Idaho $67,338
44 Indiana $69,197
45 West Virginia $59,634
46 Mississippi $58,371
47 Kentucky $64,436
48 Nevada $73,862
49 Arkansas $61,330
50 Oklahoma $67,682

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