Panthers Fans Are Going Bananas Over This Just Before The Super Bowl

This is spine tingling.


With just a couple days left until the Super Bowl, there are lots of videos coming out about the Panthers. We’ve seen all the highlight reels, and watched Cam and Company whoop it up before, during and after games.

Then, there’s this video out of Panther Nation.

We get a look back at the 2003 squad that earned their way to the big game, and a look at some of the naysayers who said Carolina wouldn’t even finish second in their own division. Heck, hardly anyone thought they’d beat the Cardinals.

Then, it gets good. The music and the drum beat and the crowd – if you’re a Panthers fan, this is definitely make your spine tingle. Join the rest of the Panthers fans and share this, as we get fired up about the biggest game in Panthers history.

Keep Pounding! Even though we didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, we know we are the best team. It just isn’t our time yet. Let the senior class get their last title, and the freshmen are coming up next year!


After you watch this, check out a hilarious parody commercial about North Carolina. It’ll be the funniest 30 seconds of your day. Click here to watch it.

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