This Might Be The Best Video To Come Out Of Cleveland In A Long Time.

Cleveland hasn’t seen anything like this in 50 years.


People in Cleveland are pretty resilient. Sure, they take some jabs from other midwest cities, but as this video shows, Cleveland really is a world-class city. Call it the Rustbelt Reboot. Entrepreneurs, artists, families — are moving back, lured by the low cost of living and communal vibe, and the chance to build something new.

You might have noticed the energy, especially downtown, which is becoming younger, more hip and more forward thinking. Slowly, but surely, Cleveland is becoming, ‘The Real Deal,’ once again.

And this isn’t just happening in Cleveland. Buffalo, Detroit and Pittsburgh are also seeing these changes.

If you live in Cleveland, take a few minutes to soak this in. Isn’t it good to be on the brighter side of things for a while?

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