This Philadelphia Family’s Persistence and Creativity Will Inspire You Today

They’re trying to inspire others to take control of their own situations. And it’s working.

Cory J Popp, a Philadelphia resident, has captured a gem in this mini documentary called, “Philly’s Breakdancing Family.” Many Philly residents may have seen them around town.

The small kids use dance to earn money on the streets, and live life on their terms. Not only that, but they’ve taken their talents to a new level, and are attempting to inspire a whole generation in Philadelphia.

“We wake up, we dance. Before we go to bed, we dance. That’s all we do,” one of them says about their efforts to keep their heads above water.

Next time you make excuses about not having enough, remember this family. They’re trying to teach us to use our selves to empower ourselves.

“I’m trying to start a movement with the children first, because that’s our future.”

Philly's breakdancing family from Cory J Popp.

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